Quilting With Friends -Signature Quilt

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a very special group of friends for a little 101 quilting lesson.We enjoyed making a block from one of my new patterns, Made in USA using Blue Sky collection from Andover and Sweet Blend from Moda.

Everyone had so much fun and the blocks came out so beautiful. It was quite appropriate since the girls that were making them are wives and a daughter of our servicemen. Everyone was planning to use the blocks in different ways; as place mats, wall hangings and pillows.

I managed to make a few extra blocks with the help of one of the girls mom – enough for a quilt. Then I chose this label fabric (French General for Moda Fabrics) for a backing and quilted it just in time for a special day.

The quilt turned out beautiful and the lovely couple that received this gift were so happy.

My favorite part was that all the guests at the wedding got to leave their own messages and well wishes to congratulate them.

This may be one of my favorite projects so far. Sometimes that personal touch is what makes a quilt very special.

At the Farm

Over the 4th of July weekend I got a chance to stop by the local farm. 

It is such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit.

You would expect some chickens at the farm but unfortunately there were none. The only chickens there were from my new pattern, Hen House.

The farm is famous for its fruits, vegetables and gorgeous flowers.

The colors at the farm reminded me of the colors from my new collection “Crystal Farm” that will be available in stores in October. Rich and vibrant, perfect for any project. Make sure you visit your local quilt stores and ask them to order it for you. We already have a great selection of patterns that you can choose from on our website. Click here to see them!

Some of these patterns could become your new favorite projects and you will find yourself wanting to make more than one.

Made in USA is a perfect example of a favorite. It is simple and easy to mix and match any of your scraps in blues and reds. I grabbed some left overs from “Blue Sky” and incorporated them into this quilt. I can’t wait to show you more about this project in my next blog.

Before my very eyes, my house transformed from a beach house to a farmhouse. To get some ideas of how you can add a farmhouse feel to your home, click here to see the “Crystal Farm” catalog.

Summerfield – Celebrating Nature

With the permission from the Virginia Quilt Museum, I had the privilege to create beautiful Fabric Silhouette blocks for the Laundry Basket Quilts “Summerfield” quilt.

Many of the blocks are inspired by one of the quilts in the museum.

The colors and images in this project reflect a love for nature.

This quilt has a way of drawing you in and making you want to plant your own summer field.

Just like a packet of seeds, we have wonderful packets of laser cut kits that include the background, all of the pieces, and a layout to grow splendid blocks. Click here to see our laser cut kits for Summerfield over at our online store.

After everything is fused in place, whether by machine…

…or by hand, you can add your own personal touch by choosing delicate stitches with beautiful colored threads.

You will be busy as a bee making beautiful blocks.

In no time at all your summer field will be in full bloom.

Don’t hesitate!  Try out one block and show us your love for flowers. To help you plant your garden, we have a coupon for 20% off all our Summerfield kits. Use code BLOOM at the checkout for your discount. This offer will expire on the 5th of July.